NEWS FLASH: Anthology Opportunity!

Good news, Writers!

Carrick Publishing has announced  their new crime story anthology, A Grave Diagnosis, to be released Fall 2020.

Submissions are open to the published and emerging writers. A prize will be awarded for best story and runner up.  Deadline for submission:  June 1, 2020.

Stories may be mystery, police procedural or thriller and must contain a clear crime. Word Count 1500 – 8000 max. No horror please.

Each story must contain an illness or a disease. The illness or disease can be life-threatening or only relevant in some other way. It can be related to either the protagonist or the antagonist. It can be a rare disease, or something very run-of-the-mill, including colds, flus and the like. But there must be a disease playing a factor in either the crime or the solution.