SNAKE OIL and OTHER TALES – September, 2023

Snake Oil and Other Tales, (Carrick Publishing) is my second collection of published short stories and novellas. The tales range from the comedic, “Must Love Dogs – or You’re Gone” and “Amdur’s Ghost”, both finalists for the 2023 CWC Award of Excellence, to the much darker, “Snake Oil”, which readers tell me crosses over into the horror realm. I guess people really don’t like snakes.

I’ve always considered myself a genre crime fiction writer. Many of my readers and fellow authors though find my work “genre bending” and “not really conventional crime fiction”.  Interesting. Certainly some of my stories are speculative fiction: the hero of “The Eternal Bakery of the Fractal Mind”, travels to various parallel worlds through a constant node, which he stumbles upon in a bakery.

Snake Oil is now available on Kindle and in paperback and hard cover on Amazon. I hope you enjoy it!

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