Moonlight and Misadventure now available!!

Greetings Readers!

Today is the day:  Moonlight and Misadventure, the latest anthology edited by Judy Penz Sheluk (Superior Shores Press) is available on Amazon in ebook and print! Get it here: link.

I’m delighted to have my dark tale, “The Moon God of Broadmoor”, included with the works of  20+ amazing writers.

We’ve been getting  great reviews, including a 4.7 star rating on Goodreads. Read American writer/editor Kevin Tipple’s review on his blog, Kevin’s Corner, here. And Canadian writer/reviewer, Vanessa Westermann’s take, here.

Earlier in June, I had the privilege of being featured on Art Taylor’s blog, The First Two Pages, where I revealed the craft behind the opening of “Moon God”. Also the challenges I faced moving from scientific and bureaucratic writing to creating crime fiction! Here’s the link.

Here’s  an excerpt from my story,  “The Moon God of Broadmoor”!

Liz, a young public health inspector, visits the Broadmoor Apartments to investigate a complaint about poop on the lawn.

I parked illegally in front of the building. From where I sat in the driver’s seat, I could see that Mrs. Jack had ample cause to complain.  The grass was befouled.

Step one, find Mrs. Jack. I climbed out of the van, but couldn’t spot the entrance to the building. Now what?

My answer came in the form of an apparition: a chubby, middle-aged man wearing a powder blue tunic, shiny mauve tights and gauzy, iridescent cape.

He emerged from a doorway located in the bend of the “U” on my right and sauntered down the fractured cement path that bisected the lawn. He stopped just in front of me.

“I see that I have struck awe in your heart. Don’t be afraid,” he said.

“Excuse me?”

“I am Thoth, God of the Moon. How may I help you?”

A large brooch, in the shape of a pink rhinestone flamingo, pinned the ends of his cape to the front of his tunic. His stringy black hair badly needed a wash, but his broad face looked friendly.

          Best to play along.  “Nice to meet you, um, Thoth. I seek Mrs. Jack.”

 “Ah, yes, the keeper of my earthly home. And what is your business with her?”

          “I’m with the health department. Mrs. Jack made a complaint.”

 “Sad.” Thoth shook his head. “So young and already ensnared in the satanic coils of bureaucracy. You will find Mrs. Jack through there.”



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