NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! My story in Malice Domestic Anthology!

Returning home from Left Coast Crime in Tucson (terrific conference, more in another post), I opened an email from Malice Domestic. My cozy crime story, “Wisteria Cottage”, had been accepted for their anthology, Mystery Most Traditional. I’m absolutely thrilled!

The inspiration for my story came from my friend, TOPoet. While showing me round his garden, he pointed out his healthy wisteria vine – and warned me that every part of this beautiful plant is toxic. Important to know because my grandson will eat anything.  TOPoet’s warning, coupled with another friend’s tales about a dog who ate everything, including car keys, led to “Wisteria Cottage”. (Said dog was also inspiration for my story, “Must Love Dogs – or You’re Gone”, in the GONE anthology by Red Dog Press.)

Mystery Most Traditional should be available shortly on Amazon.

I’m now debating whether to attend Malice Domestic in April. Two conferences in as many months? I’ll keep you posted, Readers!


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